Shakes to Lose Weight — Plant Based Protein

All You Need To Know Smoothies

  • A brief introduction to important things you need to know about smoothies — from what it is and all the way to various benefits you’ll get for trying it.
  • Find out how and why you should start making smoothies now and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your body goals.

What Makes Up A Healthy Smoothie

  • Learn the basics of smoothie making so you can gain fundamental knowledge and customize them in the future.
  • In this module, you’ll learn the complete step-by-step process of blending those smoothies for you to start being healthier.

Pros And Cons Of Smoothies

  • Discover how to turn your most hated vegetable into a delectable goodness that you’ll soon love.
  • Substitute smoothies for those supplements you’re buying fro the market. Not only will you save money, you’ll also start to feel and look better because of the goodness you’re about to make.
  • Quick and easy preparation for your busy schedule.
  • Learn some cons along the way — as any other thing in life, also smoothies have cons, yes.

Know Your Greens

  • The goodness that these greens have are endless — from antioxidants to proteins!
  • Learn how to rotate your intake of green vegetables to avoid build up of oxalate in your metabolic system.

You Will Also Learn About

  • Difference Between Smoothies And Juicing
  • Answers To Common Questions About Smoothies
  • Worst Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothie
  • Know Your Fruits
  • What’s Super With Superfoods
  • And A Whole lot More…

Know Your Greens!

Why Settle For Cheap And Ineffective Diet Plans When You Could Be

Achieving Your Body Goals With Smoothies?

Now, the secrets are within your reach.

Start Using Smoothies

But How Much Does It All Cost…?”

Well… While average gym membership plus trainer can go around $50 a month these days, it would be more than fair to charge a $95 fee for this one-time solution.



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